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Permission Request Audit SOP

Copyright Assessment - Written Permission

  • Was written permission needed?
    • Using copyright procedures, establish if written permission is needed. If written permission was not needed, but requested this should be noted in the feedback box.
  • Was written permission requested?
    • Was the correct dedicated email template used to request written permission?
    • Was the email sent from the library inbox?
    • If no response to the first request was received, did the reviewer follow up with the copyright holder from 3-5 business days of the original request?
    • If the copyright holder requested additional clarification, was the response clear and accurate?
    • Were the written permission request(s) and response(s) attached in the comments area of the permission request?
    • Were the permission request(s) and response(s) added to the Permission Requests folder in SharePoint?
  • Written Permission Feedback / Observations / Notes