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Permission Request Audit SOP

Review Preparation

  • Asana Task Creation. Using the Conduct Permission Request Audit task (in the Library Operations, Maintenance, & Ongoing Work project) in Asana, assign each reviewer their reviews and subsequent tasks. Tasks should include:
    • Review preparation.
      • Select permission requests to be reviewed and provide task link to each request.
      • Include a link to the Permission Audit Survey.
    • Perform permission audit - reviewer name.
    • Compile and review audit reports.
    • Download and distribute reviewee reports to reviewees.
    • Create audit summary for staff.
    • Permission audit follow-up
      • This task will include any adjustments to the Permission SOPs, creation of FAQs, or trainings that may be a result of the audit.
    • Schedule staff discussion and/or individual meetings as needed.
  • Select permission requests to audit. Requests from each reviewee should include a combination of the following (not all criteria will apply depending on the number of requests chosen to be reviewed):
    • A website with at least 3 comments
    • A PDF with at least 3 comments
    • A video with at least 3 comments
    • A website/video/PDF with less than 3 comments
    • At least 2 requests whose permission status was deemed as any form of not allowed or allowed with conditions
    • Selections should be from multiple IDs and a diverse number of courses
    • Selections should not have more than 1 reviewee.