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Permissions Database SOP

Database Overview

The Permissions Database is a tool used by UOPX staff to streamline the process of adding external websites to the curriculum. As part of the permission request process, staff will check the database for a status on a requested website and, if the website has been reviewed, it will be added to the DB Record Link field in the request. A librarian can use this link to verify allowability of a website and bypass the Pending Database Update step in the process.

The guidelines presented here are for entering website/content permission requests into the External Websites: Permissions Database.

"Content" and "website" in this context refer to learning material not owned by UOPX, a learning tool, or found within the library.

Restrictions and Conditions

In the interest of time and space, the following website types and content are not included in the database:

  • Government sites. Federal, state, and local sites are not entered in the database. Exception: Any third-party content (usually, but not always, PDFs created by contractors that retain copyright. Copyright is usually posted on the document or site).
  • Journals/resources available in the library. As a matter of course, requesters should be checking for journal availability in the library. Exception: At times an entry for library content may be added to the database to make IDs aware of its availability there. e.g. Wall Street Journal (WSJ)
  • Requested sites that were already documented in the Permissions Database. We do not maintain a list of how many times a site is used in the database.
  • Not allowed. Sites that were deemed not allowed due to a lack of CC or transcript or other disqualifers listed in the Web Permission SOP.
  • Sites with questionable credibility. Videos/channels or sites with no affiliated domain website AND no written permission (link to this in policies).
  • Cancelled requests.