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Adding Videos to Guides

Adding Videos

You can now add videos to guides! It's essential to follow these steps precisely to ensure that your video looks good and displays correctly for all users. Spaces and special characters are also critical, so you'll want to pay close attention to your code.

Some general rules and guidelines

We recommend placing videos in their own box unless you are highly comfortable with more advanced HTML and CSS. You can add up to three videos to one box  (more on this later) but combining text or other types of content with videos is tricky, so ask for help if you're looking to do a more advanced page layout.

Do not use Word when creating your code; you will end up with extra spaces, and extra spaces equal errors. Instead, use Notepad, Wordpad (both found on your Start menu under Windows Accessories), or Notepad++ (which can be downloaded from the Company Portal).

Steps for adding a video to a page (and getting it to look nice)

  1. Create a new box on your guide for videos. If you are adding videos to a guide with other content, you might consider adding a Floating Box, especially if the name of the box isn't relevant to the page.
  2. Create your video widget(s) and save them to the new box you just created (see Library Videos, Vimeo, or YouTube for information on how to do this).
  3. Position the video so it looks correct on the page (see Position & Size).

By the time we're done, you'll be able to do this:

video thumbnail
Discover why accounting is the backbone of every business, how an accounting system works, and learn about potential career opportunities. You'll also be introduced to working professionals who demonstrate how they use their accounting skills to succeed in their careers and personal lives.
Selecting the correct sources helps bolster the strength of your argument. Learn how to evaluate your sources for currency, relevance, authority, accuracy, and purpose.
Several years ago, Google launched a big study to figure out what makes teams successful. Watch this video to find out what conclusions the researchers arrived to after studying more than 180 separates teams for the duration of several years.

Video Accessibility

All videos embedded in the library must be checked for accessibility. An accessible video includes the following:

  • Accurate closed captioning.
  • A transcript.  

In addition:

  • Many videos require audio descriptions. If there is visual content that provides content or context not available in the transcript, an audio description is needed.

When in doubt about using a video, check with Alexis.

If a video from one of our subscribed library databases has errors in the closed captioning or is missing a transcript, notify Alexis or Mike.