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Select an Industry Database

What is an industry database?

An industry database contains information and data regarding industries. It may be focused on industry information or contain additional information, such as company information. Industries can usually be researched broadly or by their industry classification codes.

Selecting a Database

Each database contains slightly different information, and the database you need will depend on the information you're looking for. You can select a database for your research in a couple of different ways. Industry report contents will vary by publisher. You will likely need to review multiple databases to get a comprehensive picture of your industry.

By Timeframe

If you're looking to research:

Current Reports for a Specific Industry
Current Reports for Broader Industry Categories
Historic Reports for Broader Industry Categories

By Information Type

If you’re looking to select your database by the type of information you need or if what you’re looking for isn’t covered in the By Timeframe section, we recommend downloading our spreadsheet, Industry Databases Comparison, to select your database. It includes information on how to find industry information in six of our industry databases, search options, and report components such as significant companies in the industry and industry trends. You can use the filters at the top of each column to help you narrow down the list.

A Note Regarding Business Source Complete

The Business Source Complete homepage offers categories for Industry Profiles and Market Research. However, the categories are broad and challenging to search, and many reports are not the most current available in the database. We recommend searching Business Source Complete by entering a 6-digit NAICS code in the search box and using the limiter categories on the results page to narrow the results. For example, search for IC 33611 and limit the results to industry profiles in the Source type category.

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If you're looking for specific help with a topic, check out our industry How Do I guides. These guides will walk you through how to find information and provide search tips and database recommendations to help you make the most out of your research.