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Research Market Share & Rankings

What is market share?

Market share is the percent of total sales in an industry generated by a particular company (Hayes, 2022).

  • Investors and analysts monitor market share as a sign of a company's competitiveness.
  • Innovative technology, customer loyalty, acquisitions, and talented employees can impact a company's market share. 
  • Market share data can be difficult to find. In many cases, the data you find will not be for the exact industry or product you are researching. You may need to use the available data to project the market share. If you are seeking market share for an assignment, check with your instructor for their expectations. Can you use data from other products? What kind and how much justification should you provide?
  • Consider the different terms that describe your product. You may need to conduct multiple searches using each term (e.g., athletic clothing, athletic apparel,  sports apparel, sportswear, athletic wear).
  • Branch out. You may need to expand your search to a broader market if you can't find your specific market (e.g., clothing retail, sporting goods industry, etc.). Sometimes, general reports provide useful information and even break down the broader market.
  • Make time. Finding market share information may require more time than other industry and company research. It may involve more sophisticated searching through the results.
  • Market share data tends to be broken down geographically. You can try extrapolating data from another area if your area is unavailable.

Industry Reports

Start with available market research reports, company reports, and industry profiles. Market share data will often appear in a table, which may not be accessible in a keyword search. Open these reports and scan through them for data.

Business and Trade Publications

If you don't succeed in finding your market share data in our industry profiles, you will need to turn to trade and business publications. Many of the databases in the Industry Profiles guide will offer links to recent news stories featuring your company, but you will want to conduct a more targeted search for market share information.

Use ABI/INFORM Collection or Business Source Complete and search using the name of the company or product category with the term "market share" in quotes. For example: 

"market share" AND "kit kat" 

"market share" AND (chocolate OR confectionery OR candy) 

"market share" AND hershey

Trade Associations

Trade and industry associations advocate for their sector and affiliated companies. They collect and provide information specific to that industry.

Some resources are accessible on their websites, although some data may only be available to members. If this research is for an assignment, you may also want to contact the association directly and explain that you are a student researching the industry. They may be willing to provide the data you need.

To find industry associations:

Google Search

Market share information may be found by searching the internet for reports and blogs published by industry analysts. You will need to sort through advertisements and reports being sold by companies, but you may find references to market share.

  1. Enter the product and the terms "market share" in the search box (for example: computer tablets "market share"). Use the Tools drop-down menu at the top of the Google results page to specify a year or enter a range of time.
  2. If you find information from a blog, be sure that the source is cited. If it isn't, try another search to see if the information is mentioned or cited elsewhere. Be skeptical of numbers without a source.

How to Calculate Market Share

If you cannot find market share information in the library's databases or on the web, you may need to estimate it.

Market share is calculated by taking the company's sales over a period of time and dividing it by the total sales of the industry over the same period.

company sales (if the company has only one product) ÷ industry sales


product sales ÷ industry sales

Industry revenue and company sales information can be found in sources listed on the Find Industry Profiles and Find a Company Report guides.

Market Size

If you are working with a niche market or new industry, you may need to estimate its size. Here are some in-depth articles on how to do this:

Company Rankings

Company rankings, published regularly, can help you find market leaders (companies holding the most market share) and are a source for understanding an industry's competitors. They offer a list to search for company reports, which will provide market share information as part of their analysis.

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