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Out of Office SOP

Part I: Requesting Time Off

Yay! You want to take some time off, a thing that we encourage everyone to do. (Seriously, don't leave any vacation time on the books.) Because we are a small team, however, some things have to be considered, and doing this proactively means that it is more likely your manager will approve your time off with no issues.

In Part I of this guide, we're going to walk through the following:

  1. How to determine if you can take that day off.
  2. Submitting your request in MyPay.
  3. Adding your time off to your personal calendar.
  4. Adding your time off to the team calendar.
  5. Canceling or declining any meetings during your time off.
  6. How to handle unexpected time off.

*Please note that the phrase 'time off' refers to any time you are taking off outside your regular schedule.

Holiday Coverage (Reference Staff Only)

Holiday shifts are staffed differently than regular work shifts. Because of this, the reference manager or university librarian will determine the coverage needed for the holiday(s) and work with the reference staff on determining who will work each shift.