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Mergent Intellect Toolkit

Mergent Intellect is a business research tool for students, business owners, and marketing professionals. It includes company reports and industry data, but unlike other business databases, Mergent Intellect includes smaller private companies and lets you do a deep dive into consumer information.


How to Use Mergent Intellect

Learn how to use the Quick Search tool in Mergent, which is best used when you know the specific name of a company, an executive at a company, or an industry. It’s also a great tool for finding new businesses.
Discover how to use the Advanced Search tool in Mergent, which is best for compiling detailed lists or when you really need to fine-tune your search.
Find out how to build a file of up to 2,000 companies from your search results, which you can then export for use elsewhere.

Need more help? Find more how-to videos, guides, and templates in the Learning Center.

Library Hacks

The Advanced Search page lets you refine your company search to a very granular level.

  • On the Company tab, you can use the Geo Mapping tool to search for companies in any area you select on the map.
  • On the Industry tab, you can narrow your search to specific industries.
  • Example: You can create a list of all women-owned and minority-owned restaurants in your neighborhood.

When using the search box to search for an industry with a NAICS or SIC code, make sure to type in the code (not copy and paste). If you copy and paste it, the drop-down menu of results will not appear.

The Demographics search tool finds statistical information from the U.S. census about the income levels, ages, genders, and more of any population in the U.S. Note: Due to the report sizes, you must e-mail them to yourself to view them.

The Consumer Data search tool finds information about the interests and spending habits of most private individuals in the U.S., along with their contact information. Use the Advanced Search tab to drill down to a list of individuals that meet your selected criteria.

  • Example: You can create a list of the names and contact information of individuals between the ages of 26-45 who buy books in your hometown. Data like this can be used for marketing purposes when starting a business or investigating a market for product.

The Residential search tool can be used to find addresses and other contact information on individuals and businesses.

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Hidden Gem

If you are writing a business plan, check out the Business Templates available in the help menu. You can download business plan templates, as well as view a market analysis breakdown (Business Market Analysis_Template), start-up checklist (Home Business_Template), and a business structure comparison spreadsheet (Business Structure_Template).

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