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Results Focus

Placing emphasis on the goals of the collaboration is the backbone of results focus and teamwork is required for building on the steps necessary to achieve the group's purpose. Members focus on the goals while being reliable and accountable in meeting established deadlines.

Explore these topics to learn more about successful results focus.

Time Management

If only there was more time in a day! Time management is about harnessing that precious time by planning, organizing, and prioritizing. The goal should be to focus, removing anything unnecessary, in order to accomplish the task.

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It can be difficult to accomplish all that must be done in a given day, week or month. There are distractions all around us, as well as new tasks popping up to bog us down. Without a strategy you will most likely find yourself overwhelmed and unproductive.
The single greatest challenge associated with being a virtual team member and remote working might just be time management. For health and well-being, as well as sustainable productivity, establishing clear boundaries between your working and non-working hours is key.

Project Management

No group project can be successful without at least one person keeping all the tasks in order. Once you have consensus on the group’s objective, elect a member of the team to ensure that these outcomes are met. Establishing this role, and a clear project plan, will help keep the rest of the team accountable for completing assigned tasks within the timelines.

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The staff at Cutting Edge discuss the pros and cons of working remotely.
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This is the set of values by which the team is expected to operate. Most problems happen because rules are not clearly defined.
Explore the different team roles that go into making an effective team.


Your team members count on you to be trustworthy and reliable. Being reliable and consistent in the completion of your assigned task, doing your best work, and meeting timelines established by the plan will produce positive results.

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Transitioning into a managerial role is not easy — especially if some people on your team aren’t pulling their weight. You need to help them achieve their individual targets, and feel good about the company – but you can’t do their jobs for them. This means setting high, clear performance expectations within days or weeks of coming into your new role.
Learn how to manage home offices and how to maintain personal productivity by establishing a working environment. Topics covered include creating ones own physical space, home office practices for interacting with colleagues and using technology tools like video conferencing for team interaction.
Everyone has different personal and professional obligations. Explore how communication and being results focused come together to create successful collaboration.

Managing in a Digital Space

Online learning comes with unique challenges for working in groups. Learning how to collaborate in a digital space will ensure your success in the workplace.

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Virtual teams often have difficulty with effectiveness, trust, work satisfaction, role and goal clarity, and project success.
Learn about working with a remote office model, and review tips on how to make such arrangements work, which include hiring the right people, focusing on business outcomes, and helping employees choose their own strategy.