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Get Started with Marketing Research

Marketing Overview

Marketing is embedded from top to bottom in most companies. It may be defined as placing a specific product in the right place, at the proper price, and at the appropriate time. Conducting market research will involve collecting and analyzing information about a product or service, including:

  • Current market size and potential
  • Target market (demographic, psychographic, and geographic characteristics)
  • Market drivers
  • Market segments
  • Consumer purchasing habits
  • Product trends
  • Competition

Questions to Consider

The Library of Congress offers these tips on getting started with your market research:

  • Identify the industry or industries your business will be in, then find an industry report for the closest related industry. What are the current trends?
  • Find a competitor. What are their strengths and weaknesses?
  • Using market research, identify a target market. What need does your product or service meet?

Additional Tips

  • If you can't pinpoint an industry, try looking up a company that is similar and see what industries it is in. 
  • Looking for a niche industry? Look at broader industries in addition to searching trade publications for articles. 
  • When looking for data, consider who might collect that information, such as:
    • Government agencies
    • Industry associations
    • Research centers

The Marketing Mix

The Marketing Mix, a term coined by Neil Borden, is the foundation for businesses and is typically described by the 4 Ps:

  • Product
  • Price
  • Place
  • Promotion
Learn how product, price, promotion, and place create an effective marketing mix.


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