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Viewing Course Info in Blackboard

Viewing a Course

  1. Login to Blackboard. You will use your network username and password except your username needs to be an email with at the end.
    Username: [networkusername]
    Password: Your network password
  2. You should see the Administrator Tools page. If you do not, click the Admin option on the left hand menu to open this page.
    Admin option in Blackboard
  3. Click Courses.
    Viewing courses in Blackboard
  4. In the Search line, change the first drop down (Course Name) to course ID and enter your course ID in the search box.
    Note: Course IDs are generally formatted as XXX_999 and do not use slashes like they have in the past.
    Searching for courses
  5. Click Go or hit Enter on your keyboard to run the search.
  6. Locate the course in the results list and hover over the name until a gray button appears next to the course name.
  7. Click the gray button to open the access menu.
    IMPORTANT: Do not access courses that have number strings in them. These are live courses that students are actively attending.
    Click the gray button to find options
  8. Click Enrollments.
    Click Enrollments
  9. Click Enroll Users.
    Enroll users
  10. For the username, enter your network ID followed by
  11. In the Role dropdown, select Faculty Observer.
    Username and role
  12. Click Submit.
  13. This allows you access to the course. To view the course, click Courses from the menu above.
  14. From there, hover over the course name again to access the gray button and choose Open.
    Open the course
  15. The course will open. You can navigate through the course to find the information you're looking for.
  16. When you're finished, click the purple X to close the page.
    Closing a course
  17. Back on the courses page, hover over the course name to access the gray button and choose Enrollments.
  18. Select the box next to your name and click Remove Users from Course.
    Note: Per university policy, you cannot remove any user but yourself from a course.
    Removing yourself from a course