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MGT/526: Managing in a Changing Environment

Your Assignment

This week you will examine leadership models and how they apply to your company. A company rarely states its leadership model expressly. Most often, you must figure it out using the press releases, SEC documents, and any other articles you can find on the company.

  1. Start with existing company reports if available. Some of these reports will highlight leadership, especially if there have been significant changes within the company.
  2. Check the company's website. Look for press releases about managerial changes, operations, and strategy.
  3. Search business publications. To search for articles about the company, use the company's name and related word leadership and narrow any results with additional keywords. Here are some searches that you can try. You'll want to replace Hilton Worldwide with the name of your company.
    "Hilton Worldwide" AND leadership
    "Hilton worldwide" AND ("leadership model" OR "leadership style")
    "Hilton Worldwide" AND leadership AND effectiveness

Here are two databases we recommend searching.

Note: We do our best to ensure citations are correct within our system's constraints. We suggest checking your citations to make sure they meet current APA standards.

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Ask Us!

Since leadership strategies can be challenging to research, Ask Us if you find that you need any help figuring out a search strategy or additional resources to check.