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HCS/235T: Health Care Delivery in the U. S.

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The Cayman Islands
As health care costs continue to rise, practitioners in India are working to lower prices - and bring their innovations closer to American shores. Health City Cayman Islands is a new frontier for India’s largest for-profit hospital chain. Focused on efficient health care delivery, its services are now drawing Americans to the Cayman Islands.
The Doctor's Office
Forward is a startup that reimagines a doctor's office. It uses technology to do everything from drawing your blood to taking your pulse to recording your conversations with your doctor.
a doctor
Robotic surgery is transforming modern medicine. Large movements of the surgeons hands in the operating theatre translate into very small movements of the robotic instruments. It's less tiring for the surgeons and for the patient, it means less scarring, a quicker recovery and reduced risk of infection.

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