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Sage Research Methods Toolkit

Sage Research Methods (SRM) is a powerful tool for researchers. Rather than focusing on specific subjects, the power of SRM is really in its ability to help you with the research process regardless of your discipline. It can help you plan your research, conduct your literature review, select your research method, and learn how to analyze data.

Though anyone can use it, this database benefits doctoral students working on dissertations and faculty conducting research.

How to Use Sage Research Methods

Discover SRM, which helps researchers with the research process. It includes definitions, case studies from the field, teaching datasets, video tutorials, and more.
Learn how to use the methods map, a visual tool in SRM that shows how methods terms are related and helps guide you to the content you're looking for.
Take a tour of SRM datasets, a collection of teaching datasets and instructional guides that give you a chance to learn data analysis through practice.


Library Hacks

When in doubt, start with the Project Planner, as it guides you through the research process.

The Little Blue Books and Little Green Books are a great starting place for learning about qualitative (blue) and quantitative (green) methods in an easy-to-understand manner.

Review the Foundations, which provide bite-sized, introductory overviews of all major methods topics.

Look at Sage's comprehensive guide on this database for more subject-specific guidance.

For doctoral students, we recommend reviewing the corresponding Dissertation Guide Readings page for more information on specific methods.