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Library Inbox Procedures

Use the following guidelines to keep the Library inbox clutter-free. It is suggested that you check the inbox periodically throughout your shift with the goal being an empty inbox at the end of the day.

Reprints Desk Document Fulfilled or Cancelled Emails: Any email from Reprints Desk that either fulfills or cancels a document request should be placed in the Completed folder once you are done with it (i.e., downloaded the document, notified the student that their request can’t be fulfilled, etc.). This folder should be cleaned periodically to contain only the last three months’ worth of emails to avoid our inbox hitting any university-size limits.

Questions from Students / Faculty / Staff: Any email from a student, faculty, or staff asking for service (i.e., a document request, help with research, etc.) should be put into LibAnswers and answered there. Once you have placed the email into LibAnswers, delete the email.

Responses to LibAnswers Tickets: You should always go back into LibAnswers and respond to the student from LibAnswers so that your effort is tracked correctly. You should not respond from the library inbox or your email.

Reprints Desk Invoices: Reprints Desk invoices can be deleted.

Confirmation Regarding Reprints Desk Invoices: Delete these invoices. Someone from accounting will typically confirm receipt of the invoice from Reprints Desk.

Other Invoices: Please send all other invoices to PJ Purchase and place the email in the Invoices folder.

Unsolicited / Marketing Emails: You should attempt to unsubscribe from any marketing or unsolicited emails. If they seem important or relevant to our collection, please forward them to PJ Purchase and delete them.

Database / Collection Notices: Emails regarding anything to do with updates to the databases or collections we subscribe to (title list changes, maintenance notifications, etc.) should be forwarded to PJ Purchase, Alexis Soard, and Mike Check and then deleted from the inbox.

Other Weird Stuff Not Covered: When you receive something weird, something that isn’t covered in the guide, or something that leaves you scratching your head, please forward it to Alexis Soard.