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Gale Business: Insights Toolkit

Gale Business: Insights is a great database to use for business intelligence. Its user-friendly interface and easy search and browse options make it a great starting point in your business research.


How to Use Gale Business: Insights

Gale Business: Insights offers several very user-friendly ways of finding information. You can do a basic search, an advanced search, browse through the homepage options, or browse through the menu options. See the Gale Business: Insights Resource Guide for more tips on navigating the site.

Library Hacks

Use the navigation menus. A lot of the power of Gale Business: Insights lies within its navigation menu options. So before you run a search, check out the navigation options under the Browse drop-down menu or on the homepage buttons. If you know you're looking for specific content, such as a company profile, you'll save time by selecting that option first.

Find SWOT analyses. Select Companies located under the Browse drop-down menu. From the Available Company Data drop-down menu, select SWOT Analysis, then click Apply. You can enter a company name in the search box or select other criteria from the drop-down boxes to narrow your search. See Find or Create a SWOT Analysis for more information on SWOT analyses.

Find case studies. Gale Business: Insights contains case studies, which are helpful when you need analysis of real-life business and industry trends. Select the Browse all Companies button and search for your company using the search box. On the company profile page, scroll down to the list of content types under the Company Articles heading (about halfway down the page for most companies). If there are case studies available for the company, you'll see a Case Studies link. Case studies can also be accessed from the Industry, Topics, and Major Markets browse buttons.

Compare business ratios. With the Compare tool in the main homepage menu, you can compare business ratios and other financial data between different companies and then download this data into an Excel sheet. See Research Ratios for more information on financial ratios.

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