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LRR Standards and Examples

This guide is an example of a library readings page (LRR). It is not exhaustive of every choice or content type we may add to the page. LRRs are flexible by nature; what works for one LRR may not work for another. The content should dictate the design of the guide.

When assigning a friendly URL to an LRR:

  • Format the overall page URL with the course number in CAPS, followed by a lowercase v and an uppercase version letter.
    • Example:
  • Add friendly URLs to each week using w[week number].
    • Example:

In the tags of the course, you'll want to include the version of the course the LRR is for (example: R7, where the letter R stands for version). If the LRR request is strict re-use, simply add the new course version number to the guide tags.

Week 1: Topics & Videos
Week 2: Subtopic Heading Size & Images
Week 3: Publications, Databases, Search Strings & Guides
Week 4: Removing Extra Space from the Page
Week 5: Bringing It All Together

Week 1 Topic - Topics & Videos

We should match the topics and subtopics on the page to what's listed in the course design guide (CDG), and content should be grouped by topic, not by content type. Exceptions may apply. For example, the ID may request that a specific content type be highlighted (e.g. Technical Sources) because it aligns with the instructions/references in the course.

If you need to add additional spacing, we use <hr /> to add a header row. This creates a light grey line between sections and adds some space to the area. Note the space between the r and the /.

Lists of content should be placed in alphabetical order unless the requester specifies an order. If the items should not be in alphabetical order, please make a note in the Click to enter a description field.

You can embed up to three videos on the page. If any week of the LRR has more than three videos, all videos should be placed as links on the guide to create a consistent student experience. If we add embedded videos to the guide, we do not need to add an image at the top of the right-hand corner.

You may also need to indicate that the student should watch a specific clip of a video if we cannot link to the clip directly. This should be done in the description of the video.

Learn how to use the CRAAP method to determine if a source is a good choice to use in your research.
Peer review is a process designed to ensure the quality of published scholarship. Learn about peer-reviewed journals and how to identify them in your research.
Watch the segment from 00:10 to 1:02.
Learn how to easily locate peer-reviewed journals in the library.

Citation Standards Box

We add the citation standards box to every LRR page with content that's been put into APA format. You can use either the Citation Standards or Citation Standards with Line box, depending on what looks best. The box should be set to be a floating box.

Note: We do our best to ensure citations are correct within our system's constraints. We suggest checking your citations to make sure they meet current APA standards.

Ask Us!

The Ask Us box is typically added at the top of the right-hand column or underneath the image if one is being used. The box usually added to this space is the Ask Us! box from the Reusable Content page of the LibGuides SOP.