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Creating Ask Us Tickets in LibAnswers

We will occasionally receive tickets from students, faculty, staff members, or alumni in the library inbox that need a response. When this occurs, you will need to input the email as a ticket into LibAnswers. This will enable you to respond to the student, faculty, staff members, or alumni from LibAnswers and allows us to properly track the request.

Email example

  1. In LibAnswers, click Answers and then Create.
    Click answers then create
  2. Select the appropriate Queue in the drop-down field.

  3. Fill out the ticket based on the information the student, faculty, staff member, or alumnus sent. If you need to know the requestor’s status and/or course information to accurately answer the student, faculty, staff member, or alumnus, please ask Mike Check.
    1. Question = Subject line from the email
    2. Question Details = Body of the email
    3. Asked by (name) = Requestor's name
    4. Asked by (email) = Email address the email was sent from
    5. Alternate Email (Only used if primary email does not work) = Include secondary email if listed
    6. Status = Only appears on Ask Us; can be skipped if unknown
    7. Current Course (ex. MKT/350 or Alumni) = Student's course number; can be skipped if unknown
    8. User Agent = Leave this blank
  4. DO NOT include any attachments or personal information aside from those required by the form (e.g. credit card, financial, social security number, etc).

  5. Click Create Ticket.

  6. As soon as you click Create Ticket, the ticket will be assigned to you and you’ll be taken to the ticket response screen.
  7. If you are not able to respond to the ticket at this time, you can either Unclaim the ticket or transfer the ticket to the appropriate librarian by selecting Assign/Transfer.

  8. As a reminder, you should delete the email from the inbox once you are finished transferring it into LibAnswers.