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Something's Broken SOP


This SOP details the process to handle items reported as Something's Broken in the LRR queue.

Initial review of incoming LRR requests

  1. Start by adjusting the Task Name according to the request type (e.g., RDG/415 v12 – Something’s Broken).
  2. Assign yourself to the parent request.
  3. Adjust Library Status to Initial Review.
  4. Review fields
    • Due date = These requests usually come in without a due date; 3-5 days can be used initially
    • Time Spent = Set to 0
    • LRR Total = This can be left blank; it is added later when closing the task
    • Request Type = Something’s Broken
    • Source = CTL: Intake/Support
    • Other fields = Typically blank and can be left blank unless we encounter issues

Review ticket

Review ticket, ensuring a new subtask of the original parent ticket was submitted.

  • Only a subtask of the parent/originating something's broken ticket should be submitted in the LRR queue.
  • No adjustments will be needed if the subtask is submitted correctly to the LRR queue (e.g.,
  • If a parent task is submitted, ask that a new request be submitted through the LRR queue via a subtask for tracking purposes. A "something's broken" subtask placeholder may be available (e.g.,
  • Once the subtask is received in the LRR queue, remove Content: Library Research & Resources projects from the parent task, which will remove the incorrect request from the LRR queue. Notify the ID to avoid confusion.

Merging and assigning subtasks

  1. Once you’ve determined the request received was correctly submitted, you’ll move the request along to the next steps.
  2. Select +Add new to open a new Something’s Broken template.
  3. Let the template populate; this can take a few minutes.
    • On the Template, go to advanced actions and select Merge duplicate tasks
    • Paste the task link from the original something’s broken request
    • Click on it and choose Closed and merged into
  4. Assign troubleshoot issue & determine if content can be updated - initial review to Mike or Alexis. Include relevant details and a link to the parent/original ticket in the description.
  5. Assign task management to yourself.

Next steps

  1. Mike will review the broken link/issue.
  2. If the issue is resolved, delete unneeded subtasks. Notify the intake ID in the parent of the LRR Something's Broken ticket to confirm the issue was resolved.
  3. If there isn't a fix or 1:1 replacement, Mike will notify Carrie, Nicole, or Kristina, and the determine if content can be updated - librarian review subtask will be assigned to a librarian for further review.
  4. If it's confirmed content is lost/cannot be fixed, Carrie or a librarian will reach out to Jen in the parent of the LRR Something's Broken ticket, and ask if a replacement is needed.
  5. If a replacement is not requested, assign the update or remove lost content subtask to Kelly and request resource be removed. Notify both Jen and the intake ID in the parent of the LRR Something's Broken ticket to confirm.
  6. If replacement is needed, apply the Something's Broken – Content Needs to be Replaced template, and research will be done.
  7. Once the research is complete and content is ready for replacement, assign update or remove lost content subtask to Kelly and request resource be added. Notify both Jen and the intake ID in the parent of the LRR Something's Broken ticket to confirm.
  8. Verify the parent/originating intake ticket is in the course project. They typically are already. If it is not, add the LRR Something's Broken ticket to the course project and move to the Minor Overwrites or Minors and Patches, Issues, Pilots, Projects section.

Closing requests

  • Scan comments to verify that any outstanding questions, changes, etc., have been addressed.
  • Check that database tags were added to the ticket for tracking purposes.
  • Fill out any outstanding fields.
    • Time Spent in parent = 0
    • LRR Total = total time from all subtasks
    • Ensure Source is accurate
    • Note any Issues that may have occurred during the request
    • Library Status >> Completed