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Business Source Complete Toolkit

Used in MGT/526.

Business Source Complete contains company and industry information, including company profiles, SWOT analyses, country reports, and industry profiles. Businesses often use this type of information to profile competitors, vendors, and potential acquisitions. They may also look for information on themselves to help discover any pitfalls they’re facing or opportunities they should consider reviewing. On a professional note, these reports can be helpful when looking at potential employers to determine if it’s a good fit for you.


How to Use Business Source Complete

Learn about the basic searching and browsing functions of Business Source.
Learn about the advanced searching and browsing functions of Business Source.

Library Hacks

Beyond business information. Don't let the word "business" fool you! This database contains information on companies and organizations across many industries that you don't necessarily associate with the term business, like hospitals or schools.

Faster searching. A lot of the power of the Business Source Complete interface lies within its navigation. So, before you run a search, check out the dropdown menus or navigations options at the top of the page or underneath the search box. If you know you're looking for specific content, such as a company profile, you'll save time by selecting that option first.

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