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Get Started in the Library

What is the library?

If you're new to the University of Phoenix Library or looking for an overview of what we offer, you've come to the right place! The library is an online collection of content, tools, and services we've created and curated for you to use during your academic journey and into your career. It contains content you can't find easily online, like peer-reviewed articles, case studies, or evidence-based materials. It's also staffed by a team of professional librarians and staff who are here to help when you get stuck or have a question. 

Learn about the resources and services we offer to help move your research forward.

Where to Start

Because the library can be a bit vast when you first start, let's break it down into three areas.

Content consists of articles, e-books, videos, newspapers, and more that are provided to you through the library's databases. There are three ways to search for content depending on what you need:

Tools are resources created or managed by library staff that help you maximize your research skills.

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