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Back to School Toolkit

The library has you covered with resources focused on building skills to help you smoothly transition back to school. Brush up on academic, personal, and communication skills to succeed in your academic journey. You'll find content ranging from videos and blogs to test prep and tips. A bonus is that if you have children in school, you'll also find valuable resources to help them get back into the swing of things.

Break Down the Barriers to Student Success

The student success experience in an online environment can be different from the experience of an in-person student. Some of the most common barriers to student success include:

  • Lack of motivation
  • Time management
  • Testing
  • Support from friends and family
  • Under-preparation

The resources highlighted below are focused on helping you break down those tough barrier walls!

PrepSTEP is more than just tests! It offers interactive tutorials on basic skills, career tools, and resources you need to take you to the next rung of the educational ladder.

  • Brush up on your academic skills ranging from math to basic English found under Core Skills. You will also find basic computer skills tutorials covering Microsoft Office.
  • Sometimes, all that stands between you and a new career is a test. Visit Career Preparation to prepare for certification, credentialing, or licensing exams for different vocations.
  • The Career Preparation section also helps you Build Workplace Skills with tutorials on topics like interviewing, salary negotiations, and creating a resume and cover letter.

Mind Tools offers on-demand videos, guides, and tips to help you develop skills you can apply to your career, studies, or even day-to-day life in a self-learning format.

  • Develop your communication skills and become a more effective speaker and writer.
  • Collaborative working takes work, especially in an online environment. Find content on building collaborative teams, learn about phrases that kill collaboration and how to tackle them, and learn to connect and collaborate with others.
  • One of the most influential people who can motivate you is yourself. To help fuel that drive, read about tips to spark self-motivation, find exercises on developing inspiration, and learn the fundamentals of understanding what motivates you.
  • Learn how to manage your boundaries at work, avoid generosity burnout, and reduce stress in self and team environments in stress management.
  • Not enough time in the day? Use the time management resources to review time management techniques, read about the pros and cons of multi-tasking, and gain tips on overcoming procrastination.

open book sitting on top of a computer in a libraryAPA Toolkit can help point you in the right direction regarding citing your sources. If you are an interactive learner, visit our online escape room, Escape from PS648, which covers common problems people encounter when citing in APA format. Please get in touch with your instructor for guidance if you have a specific question about a citation or formatting your paper.

Ready to learn more about how our online library can support you? Check out Get Started in the Library for an overview and links to the content, tools, and resources available to you in the library.

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