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Find a Company Profile

What is a company profile?

Company profiles are usually brief reports that serve as a good overview of the company. You'll typically look for a company overview at the start of your research, especially when researching an unfamiliar company. They often include the company's related business lines, industry affiliation(s), competitors, and a financial summary.

Finding Company Profiles

Bonus - Company Histories

Depending on the information you need, you may find it beneficial to review the history of the company you're researching. Histories can help give you context about how the company came to be in its current state, as well as issues it has faced.

Supplementing Company Profiles

Because the publishing schedule for company profiles varies, you'll want to check business publications, news reports, and press releases for any updates on the company to make sure you have the most current information.

  • Company website
    Check for press releases, blogs, and news items. Keep in mind anything found here will most likely feature the company in a positive light.

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