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Creating the Library Tickets Report in Salesforce

In order to review the amount of library tickets closed within a specific time frame, you will need to set up the Library Tickets report in Salesforce. It’s recommended that you do the following steps in the order they are listed in below as some steps are dependent on earlier selections.

  1. Go to Salesforce and login with your network / computer username and password. Please note that you need to be granted specific access to both Salesforce and the library queue in Salesforce. This is done through a CAP request submitted by your manager or supervisor.
  2. In the left drop down menu, select Reports.
    Salesforce 01
  3. Click New Report.
    Salesforce 02
  4. Click on Customer Support Reports and then Cases. Click Create.
    Salesforce 03
  5. In the top section of the report, make the following selections, if they are not already selected.
    1. Show: All Cases
    2. Units: Hours
    3. Date Field: Opened Date
    4. Range: Custom
    Salesforce 04
  6. In the bottom section of the report, click on Remove All Columns. Click OK to confirm if / when prompted.
    Salesforce 05
  7. Click on Show and then click Details.
    Salesforce 06
  8. In the left-hand column, drag over the following fields into the bottom section of the report.
    1. Case Number (under Case Information)
    2. Case Owner (under Case Information)
    3. Case Comment Created By (under Case Comment Information)
    4. Case Comments (under Case Comment Information)
    5. Subject (under Case Information)
    6. Date/Time Opened (under Case Information)
    7. Case Age Hours (Case: Custom Info)
    8. Open (under Case Information)
    9. Closed (under Case Information)
    10. Account Name (under Account: General)

  9. In the upper section, click on Add next to Filters. Do not click the drop down next to Add as this will bring up the wrong options.

  10. In the field that appears, change Case Owner to Case Comment Created By. In the empty field, you will enter the name of the individual whose comments you want to view. Click OK when you have entered the name. Repeat this step until you have entered all the names in the following list.
    1. Michael Check
    2. Kelly Moore
    3. Penelope Purchase
    4. Alexis Soard
    5. Any additional staff member who responds to tickets but is not on this list

  11. Click the drop down next to the Add button and select Filter Logic.

  12. Change all instances of AND to OR and Click OK.
    Salesforce 12
  13. Click Save.

  14. Give the report a name (suggested, Library Tickets) and click Save.