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Accessing the Inbox

Request Access

Welcome to the ninth circle of, "OMG...are we still using that?", also known as the library inbox.

Yes, it's [still] hosted through Outlook.

Yes, it can be a little painful to get access to.

But, fear not! There is help available. Sort of...if you know where to ask.

First, you'll need to request access to the shared mailbox from the Service Desk if you don't already have it.

  1. Go to the University Service Desk / My IT (or whatever it's being called today) PhoenixView site.
  2. Click Submit a Ticket.
  3. Once you are in Service Portal, click Request Something.
  4. Search for the phrase shared inbox.
  5. Select Office365 Request.
  6. Fill out the fields as follows:
    • Select collaboration tool: Shared Mailbox
    • Is this request regarding modifications to an existing item?: Yes
    • Who is the owner of the Shared Mailbox?: Leave empty
    • What is the name of the existing Shared Mailbox?: University Library (
    • What users need to be added to the Shared Mailbox?: [your name or the name of the person you're requesting access for]
    • Business Justification: User now part of the library team and will be working in this inbox.
    • Please describe your request and any relevant details: User will need both access to the shared mailbox and the ability to send emails as

Access is usually granted in a day or so. Once you have access or if you already have access, you can move onto the next step of this process.

Adding the Inbox to Outlook

You have access to the inbox. Yay! Now, it's time to add the inbox to Outlook.

  1. In Outlook, click on File and then Account Settings.
  2. Click on the Account Settings drop-down menu.

  3. Double click on your email under the name column.

  4. On the screen that appears, choose More Settings.

  5. Click Advanced.
  6. Under Mailboxes, click Add.

  7. In the Add Mailbox field, type and click OK.

  8. If you have the option, click Apply and then OK. If not, just click OK.
  9. You can then X or close out of any open screens.

Navigating to the Inbox

Last step! Navigating to the inbox in Outlook.

  1. Near the bottom of your inbox on the left, click the three dots.

  2. Choose Folders in the pop up that opens.
  3. Locate University Library and click the carrot to open all of the folders within the Inbox.

You may also be able to access some folders from the inbox on your normal inbox home page; however, this will be the path you'll need to get to the shared calendar.