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Share Your Two-Sentence Horror Stories

by Julia Reed on 2023-10-10T08:04:00-07:00 | 2 Comments

bookshelves with pumpkin, candle, skull

It was a dark and stormy night... you were studying in a remote corner of the library and realized you had accidentally stayed past closing... everything was dark and empty... was that giggling you just heard from the children's department?

We librarians love Halloween and we love scary stories! After all, what better place for creepy stories than an institution that holds all the stories of humankind? This October, we are celebrating Halloween by collecting two-sentence horror stories, and we'll share them all in a post at the end of the month! What's a two-sentence horror story, you ask? It's a creepy story that's only two sentences long. It starts out describing something that sounds normal, and then a dark and creepy twist makes it horror. These are some examples found online:

"You hear your mom calling you into the kitchen. As you are heading down the stairs, you hear a whisper in the closet saying, "Don't go down there, honey, I heard it, too."

"Growing up with cats and dogs, I got used to the sounds of scratching at the door while I slept. Now that I live alone, it's much more unsettling."

In other words, what makes the stories horror is that there's some sort of dark and creepy twist, not just that a monster or ghost pops out. If you feel your creepy and creative juices flowing, share your own two-sentence horror stories with us! Just fill out this quick submission form, and we'll share all of them at the end of the month!

A few guidelines:

  • We'll be collecting stories until Sunday, October 22nd, so be sure to send yours in by then!
  • Please send your own original stories, don't just copy ones that are already online.
  • Make sure your stories are only two sentences long.
  • You can use AI if you'd like, but you'll get extra bragging rights at the end of the month if the story comes from your own imagination!
  • The stories don't have to be library-themed, but if you can think of a library-themed story, that would be even more awesome!

Two-Sentence Horror Story Submission Form


Julia ReedJulia Reed is the systems librarian and focuses on technology development and maintenance. In her free time, she’s into graphic design, photography, and spending time outdoors.

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Posts: 4
Walt Doherty 2023-11-06T14:20:39-07:00

The whole world was quiet with no one around, As I entered the library, I noticed that it was empty:  no people, but no books either.


Posts: 17
Julia Reed 2023-11-06T14:21:59-07:00

That is a great one, Walt!


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