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SWRK/320: Social Welfare Policy and the Law

Week 1: Assignment Tips

This assignment is based upon the social issue, identified in the Grand Challenges, which you have chosen to address (i.e. homelessness, family violence, etc). Below is a database recommendation and search strategies to get you started with finding resources to complete your assignment. You are welcome to use other databases in the Library; these suggestions are intended to be a jumping-off point for your research.

Copy and paste the searches below into the search box.  These are broad searches. Consider limiting them by using the Advanced Search link to select areas of the article that you want to search (i.e. title or subject). Also, use the Advanced Search to limit the publication date to the last 5-10 years. The asterisk (*) has been used to truncate terms. Specifically, homeless* will retrieve homelessness as well as homeless (as in the case of “homeless people”).

For demonstration purposes, the social issue of homelessness is used in the search strategies. You can substitute this, and any corresponding initiatives or locations (vouchers and subsidies and texas are used in the examples), with terms related to your specific research.

homeless* AND (“human services” OR "social work*" OR “social services") AND ethic*

homeless* AND (“human services” OR "social work*" OR “social services") AND “professional ethics”

homeless* AND (legal OR law OR regulat*)

homeless* AND (legal OR law OR regulat*) AND (texas OR tx)

(“human services” OR "social work*" OR "social services") AND (legal OR law OR regulat*)

(“human services” OR "social work*" OR "Social services") AND (legal OR law OR regulat*) AND (texas or tx)

Week 1: Multimedia

man speaking
Defining what social work is, this program differentiates between orienting theories and practice theories and reviews a variety of each. It explains the characteristics of an effective social work framework and discusses standards and codes of ethics.
woman speaking
This presentation discusses the ways in which psychologists, counselors, and educators can serve as agents of social justice in their professional settings.
woman speaking
This video speaks to the challenges of overcoming personal biases in social work.