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MKT/544: Integrated Marketing Communications

Company Profiles

  1. On the homepage, either:
  1. select RESEARCH AN INDUSTRY and 

  • Select a Major Industry Group 
  • Find Your Exact Industry 
  • Enter NAIC Industry Code: 722513
  1. Or from the homepage, choose:  

Or, Select a Major Industry Group: (e.g. Banking, Computers, Retail, etc.) 

Use the drop-down menu to choose Food & Beverage 
From the resulting page will be options for the following industry information: 

  • Market Research and Trends
  • Companies & Executives
  • Industry Associations
  • Statistics 

Next, from the Industry Sector drop-down menu, click Industry Analytics and select 722513 Restaurants, Fast-Food, Pizza Delivery and Take-Out and Family 

Go to Next, Select the Type of Data: for the following options: 

  • Industry Summary 
  • Employment and Establishments 
  • Industry Description 

Market Share Reports

  1. On the homepage, navigate to the tabs above the search box, and select the Industries drop-down menu tab.
  2. Choose Market Share Reports

Market Share Reports provide full-text reports showing various company rankings within their industry and market share. The results are listed in chronological order with the most recent reports added at the top of the list. 

  1. On the left sidebar of the result page will be options to Search Within Results and limit by related business topics and industries (once you run a search).
  2. In the Search Within Results box, add the term “top makers” (include quotation marks) to obtain records that list major companies in that industry. 

Industry Essays

  1. Navigate to the tabs at the top of the page, select the Industries tab drop-down menu, and choose Industry Essays

These reports offer an industry snapshot and typically include a section called Industry Leaders

Once a list of leading companies in the fast casual dining industry is compiled, use those companies to get a complete report. 

Industry Search

To retrieve a list of companies operating under the limited-service industry code:

  1. Navigate to the tabs at the top of the page, select the Companies tab drop-down menu, and choose Company Finder
  2. On the left-side of the page, click NAICS
  3. Enter the NAICS for fast casual dining in the search box: 

Limited-Service Restaurants - 722513 

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in providing food services (except snack and nonalcoholic beverage bars) where patrons generally order or select items and pay before eating. Food and drink may be consumed on premises, taken out, or delivered to the customer's location. Some establishments in this industry may provide these food services in combination with selling alcoholic beverages.  

Illustrative Examples: 

  • Delicatessen restaurants 
  • Pizza delivery shops 
  • Family restaurants, limited-service 
  • Takeout eating places 
  • Fast-food restaurants 
  • Fast casual restaurants 
  • Takeout sandwich shops 
  • Limited-service pizza parlors 

Industry Profiles

  1. On the homepage, click the Industry Profiles link that is below the search box.
  2. Select the Industry tab.
  3. Next, either:
  1. Choose from the alphabetical listing.
  2. Or, enter a keyword in the Browse for search box.
  1. Once a report is selected, there is usually a section for Leading Companies. This is where information on the major companies in the industry is found. There is also typically a heading called Competitive Landscape that includes a section, Who are the leading players?.

General Search 

  1. On the homepage, use the search box to search generally for an industry and include the search term “market share” (include the quotes). For example:

("fast casual” OR “fast casual restaurant”) AND "market share"

This type of search will return results for trade publications, news articles, and more. 

Company Profiles

  1. On the homepage, click the Company Information link.
  2. Enter the NAICS in the appropriate field: 722513

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