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MFCC/510CA: Multicultural Counseling

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Race-based stress and trauma have always existed in our practices, but do we know how to identify it and truly address it? Dr. Monnica Williams teaches how to embrace an antiracism stance in your practice that will help clients find safety and healing in your work together.
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Counseling theory is the compass that allows counselors to navigate the vast territory of clinical practice. A sound counseling theory helps the client and counselor make sense of the client’s experiences and presenting concern.
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Dr. Nadal uses culturally sensitive skills in assessing client concerns, and helps them move towards becoming healthier and happier individuals. The clients are not actors.
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This two part series presents real-life examples of individuals with multiple identities. Through exploring these clients' presenting problems, Dr. Nadal is able to examine how their racial, ethnic, gender, and sexual identities may influence their lives, as well as how they cope with their situations.

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