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MFCC/504: Individual and Family Development Across the Life Span

mom with her two boys
Can the American family be defined? Today’s isolated nuclear families, some with unmarried or same-sex parents, challenge traditional notions. This video explores the evolution of new family types and what they mean for the future.
girl on a computer
The high-tech revolution is led by children, many of whom possess skills that baffle their parents. From chat rooms to Web pages to kid-created Internet companies, this video explores computer-assisted learning and the value of the “virtual classroom.”
little boy being examined
Scientists are using cutting-edge brain imagery to increase their understanding of how children sleep. This video explores new discoveries in sleep dynamics, discusses the treatment of sleep disorders, and explains the safe and proper way to put a baby to bed.
man watching tv with his three boys
How are children affected by television? Do they tend to mimic televised violence? This video studies the connection between kids and the media in today’s society, and the need to make TV a positive force in child development.

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