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HCS/182: Introduction to Financial Concepts

Click on the searches below to retrieve articles about this week's topics. These are meant to be an example using an issue and/or topic. You can substitute the terms in the search box on the results page.

  • The most relevant databases have been selected for you.
  • These searches are deliberately broad -- which means they may retrieve many articles.
  • After you click on a search string below, use the limiters on the left side of the results page to narrow your results by publication type or subject or sort them by date or relevance.
  • Some of the search strings display SU or TI. This indicates that the terms are being searched in the subject or title areas of the article to ensure the results are more relevant.

For more information on the search results, see Decode Search Strings

Note: We do our best to ensure these citations are correct within our system's constraints. We suggest checking your citations to make sure they meet current APA standards.

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