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CJS/201: Introduction to Criminal Justice


Talking about the Checks and Balance System.
Gertner says that information deficit is a challenge for a plea bargaining system review; we need to address mandatory minimums and leverage. Hoffman believes empowering the defense bar with resources is necessary in plea bargains.
Joe Berlinger explores the effectiveness and justness of mandatory sentencing.
Joe Berlinger explores the effectiveness and justness of mandatory sentencing in a current climate that preaches reform. In Florida, the unintended consequences of mandatory minimum gun laws seem to outweigh its merits as a father is sent to prison for 20 years for “defending his family.”

Note: We do our best to ensure these citations are correct within our system's constraints. We suggest checking your citations to make sure they meet current APA standards.

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This week you must research a high profile criminal case that occurred in the United States within the last 15 years to examine its progression through the court system. Where to start? The easiest way to get a quick summary of high profile cases is to "Google it." Use Google to jog your memory or get a quick list of high-profile cases that have been in the media. Note: As you retrieve possible cases, be sure to look at the date. You want cases within the last 15 years. Try using these terms:

high profile criminal cases

high profile criminal cases 2000s

Once you have a case to research, Use the library search box to search for your topic. For example:

George Zimmerman AND "court case"

"court case" AND "decision" AND george zimmerman

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