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CJA/346: Theories of Criminology and Victimology

Crime and Criminology

The article on statistical analysis is intended to explain what the numbers will mean on the charts that you will examine in this course. You do not need to understand the math behind the statistical formulas in the article or do any calculations for the purposes of this course.

Mary Dodge
Theories on crime and preventative tactics can yield positive results. Professor Mary Dodge demonstrates how theory can be applied effectively and how it can go awry.
Jon Heidt
Criminological theory tries to explain criminal behavior through interdisciplinary methods. Dr. Jonathon Heidt discusses the value of learning criminological theory, developments in the field, and key research in the field.
high heels
In almost every country, over 80% of crime is committed by males. But in recent years, the gender gap has been closing: the male crime rate has been steadily falling while the female crime rate, especially for violent crime, has been increasing.

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